Aging and mosquito ringtones

In the contemporary world, science and technology have brought forth various new insights which have helped considerably in reaching greater heights in different fields of activities. It is a known fact that with age, a person gradually begins to become less efficient and his body functioning also begins to falter.
The most affected are the sense organs especially the eye which is responsible for providing the power of vision and ears which allow one to be capable of hearing.

The Mosquito ringtone and hearing loss with aging

However there are very few who are aware of the fact that in reality, adult human beings start losing their maximum hearing capability from as low as the age of 20. It is a biologically proven fact that beyond 20, human beings are unable to hear high frequency sound waves traveling between 18 to 20 hertz approximately. This problem becomes more acute as an individual reaches his 50s and it is then that the problem becomes evident and comes to the forefront.
This condition has been referred to as the presbycusis. The amount of flexibility that is exercised by the ear drums decrease with the increase in age and unlike young children and teenagers, the inner ear is also not that active in adults to ensure the receiving of high frequency sound waves. It is this principle of presbycusis which was put into practice in order to devise the Mosquito ringtone. This unique concept was developed by a British inventor named Howard Stapleton.
The primary purpose for developing the mosquito ringtone was to ensure the prevention in the activities of the roaming teenagers who moved around stores during the night causing discomfort to the adult buyers. The need of the hour was to conceive of an idea which would enable one to ward off the teenagers and at the same time should by no means cause any kind of distress to the adult consumers.
The Mosquito ringtone, it is to be noted, performs at a frequency of about 17.4 KHz which is beyond the hearing capacity of a grown up adult. Hence while it is audible to the teens and young children, the adults will remain oblivious to it. This is one of the reasons why the Mosquito ringtone is referred to as an ëadult proofí ringtone too.

While it is true that the principle of presbycusis serves the major contribution in the development of the Mosquito ringtone, it is also necessary to note that the idea was also considerably influenced by the practice of ultrasonic dog repellent. The ultrasonic dog repellent functioned with the help of the sound of a dog whistle which was used to keep dogs away. This principle was used in the conceiving of the idea of the mosquito ringtone and together with the concept of presbycusis, the Mosquito ringtone emerged as a popular and widely prevalent practice soon after it was introduced. It has certain variants like the Teen Buzz as it is primarily designed keeping in mind the teenagers. It has also been referred to as Ultrasonic ringtone and is very common in the United Kingdom.