Problems faced while downloading Mosquito ringtones

The concept of the Mosquito ringtones may be referred to as a unique innovation invented by the British inventor named Howard Stapleton and it was only recently in 2005 that this concept was first introduced.
The idea arose out of the difficulty in warding off loitering teenagers who roamed about the shops and the main agenda was to develop a system which would keep the teenagers away while also ensuring that the adult customers are unaffected by these measures. There were two principle concepts that contributed to the development of the idea of the Mosquito ringtone.

These were the theory of presbycusis and the ultrasonic dog repellent.

Presbycusis states that individuals beyond 20 gradually suffer from hearing loss and are therefore unable to register sounds produced by high frequency waves. It has been noted that sound waves having a frequency of about 18 to 20 KHz are beyond the hearing capacity of adult humans.

The Mosquito ringtone had a sound frequency of about 17.4 KHz which was easily audible to youngsters and teenagers while the adults remained oblivious to its tune. The ultrasonic dog whistle used to ward off dogs also proved to be effective and these two were the guiding principles behind the development of the concept of the Mosquito ringtone.

The Mosquito ringtones are widely available over the internet and there are various free download options available. However, individuals often encounter several problems in course of downloading or after downloading.

Problems while downloading

Often users complain that they are unable to listen to the ringtone. This may be due to various factors. It is usually advised that under such circumstances, certain low frequency tones that are also on offer be played by the individual. Also, one may also download music from other popular sites to ensure that the sound system and speakers of the computer is working efficiently.

One also may note whether the speakers are muted or not which may prevent the tone form playing. If all these conditions fail, then it is evident that the sound system has some serious flaws. It is necessary to note that one should not keep the volume at a very high level while attempting to listen to these high frequency Mosquito ringtones as very high volume often distorts the sound effect and as a result the resultant sound that is emitted from the speaker is far from accurate. This is true for certain speakers and not for all though.

These apart, there are various other physiological factors which may affect the effective playing of the Mosquito ringtone. Age is definitely a key factor here as old age reduces oneís capacity to hear considerably. Moreover, the presence of loud sounds and noisy surroundings does not allow one to listen to the high frequency sounds produced by the Mosquito ringtones.

It is however commonly seen that errors in volume levels and speaker systems are mostly responsible for not producing the Mosquito ringtone properly and hence one should ensure that superior quality devices are used for this purpose.