Factors affecting the hearing of high frequency sound

The inner ear and the ear drum are the most important organs which are responsible for aiding hearing among individuals. As an individual becomes older, the efficiency and flexibility of these organs decrease consequently which then affects their hearing.
As a result adults are unable to hear these high frequency sounds. It is a known fact that the high frequency sound waves cannot travel accurately in the presence of barriers or in very noisy surroundings. Many attempt to listen to these high frequency notes in computer speakers.
But old speakers and those which are not of superior quality are often unable to play the sound accurately.
Constant exposure to loud noises may permanently damage oneís hearing as a result of which oneís capability of listening to high frequency sounds may be affected. Mosquito ringtones may also be played in cell phones and the higher the volume, the more effective is the sound effect.
However, placing the speakers too closely to the ears can damage hearing and so one should maintain considerable distance from the speakers. The quality of the speaker also has a considerable role to play in the production of high frequency sounds.
Since both cell phone and computer speakers may be used in the production of sounds, it is necessary to ensure that the speakers are of proficient quality and have steady volume controls.
Otherwise, the high frequency sounds will not be heard properly.

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