Mosquito ringtone on iPhones

A British inventor named Howard Stapleton was the first to conceive of the concept of Mosquito ringtones in the year 2005 and it was in the following year that this system was put into practice. The concept was developed to address the problem of loitering teenagers in front of the stores in the United Kingdom.
The idea was to develop a means of dealing with this problem keeping in mind that the adult customers were by no means aggravated as a result. The solution was the Mosquito ringtone which was based on the concept of presbycusis by means of which it was possible to chase away the teenagers without affecting the adults.

Mosquito ringtone emitted high frequency sound waves generating about 17.4 KHz which according to the principle of presbycusis is beyond the audible capacity of an adult human. Therefore the annoying and irritating sound produced by the Mosquito ringtone effectively kept away the teenagers while the adults were oblivious to the sound waves produced by it. Howard Stapleton devised this to be used in Compound Security Systems. However another concept was also developed from this Mosquito ringtone known as Teen Buzz.

The purpose of Teen Buzz was to enable teenagers to be alerted upon receiving cellular text messages while in the classroom without the knowledge of the teacher. At present it is also possible to use the Mosquito ringtone in the iPhones and this can be done efficiently without much effort. It is interesting to note that this can be done simply by podcasting. In order to download the Mosquito ringtone or Teen Buzz in the iPhone, it is necessary for one to add the Teen Buzz podcast feed to the iTunes and for this purpose one must possess the iTunes application in oneís computer.

By clicking on the Mosquito ringtone or Teen Buzz podcast feed one can manage to download the ringtone into the iTunes application. It is possible to choose form the various ultrasonic ringtones that are on offer or one may choose from the list.

Functioning in iPhones

The availability of the Mosquito ringtone in the iPhone has been a major innovation as the cellular phones and iPhones are devices which are used in abundance and therefore this has further widened the arena of functioning of the Mosquito ringtones or Teen Buzz.

The iPhones function as music player as well and allows users to store various music files which may be uploaded from the iTunes application. There have been certain queries regarding the incompatibility of the speakers of the iPhone with the Mosquito ringtone which is believed to have affected the playing of this ringtone in the iPhones.

However, it may be stated here without a trace of doubt that no such problem actually exists and the iPhone speakers are extremely compatible to the sound waves produced by the Mosquito ringtone. The usage of Mosquito ringtones have spread like wildfire and it is believed that its availability in iPhones will further this growth.