Subscribe to ringtones for your iPhone

We have just made it a lot easier to get the Teen Buzz ringtones on to your iPhone - assuming you have iTunes that is! Simply subscribe here and you will find the ringtones showing up as a podcast - and once the ringtones have been downloaded they are automatically added to your ringtones directory and available on your iphone next time you sync.
I am not sure if others have figured this out but it was pretty cool to see it in action and it is really very simple.
First of all you need to convert the ringtones to m4a files and then rename them to m4r and then you just set up a normal XML feed according to standard iTunes specs and then embed the m4r as enclosure as follows:
<enclosure url="" length="1200" type="audio/m4r" />

- here are some
detailed instructions.

I was not able to submit it to iTunes for some reason - but it woks just fine so give it a go.
The feed just got approved by Apple for inclusion in iTunes ;-)