How to use the Teen Buzz / Mosquito ringtone on your mobile

Getting a ringtone to work on your mobile phone varies depending on the brand and model of your mobile. Below are some general suggestions, if you are not able to get it working, then consult your mobile phone manual or support web site.

How do I transfer the TeenBuzz ringtones to my mobile device?

All the mosquito ringtones on this site are available in 3 different formats: mp3, wav and ogg. First you should try to play back the tone you want to use to make sure you are actually able to hear it on a reliable basis under various conditions or you might be missing a lot of calls and messages. As a rule of thumb you should use the highest possible TeenBuzz frequency you are able to hear - ideally 17.4 khz or higher.

You can use the methods listed here to transfer the TeenBuzz ringtones to your cell phone once you have selected the tones(s) that you feel comfortable with. The key is select one that you can hear at all conditions, one that you want to use to be discreet, and another to use when you are in ultra secret mode and don’t want any adults to accidentally take notice of you - again the higher the frequency the more secret it is.

iPhone TeenBuzz ringtone installation

Get the Teen Buzz ringtone onto your iPhone

Subscribe to Teen Buzz ringtones via iTunesWe have just made it a lot easier to get the Teen Buzz ringtones on to your iPhone - assuming you have iTunes that is! Simply subscribe here and you will find the ringtones showing up as a podcast - once the ringtones have been downloaded they are automatically added to your ringtones directory and available on your iphone next time you sync your phone with iTunes.

If you are using older firmware
Since the iPhone is quite different from most other phones - let us just go through a few options. The latest version 1.1.2+ allow you to upload your own custom ringtones (previous versions does not all support custom ringtones without special hacks including jailbreaking - it also depends on the iTunes version you have installed). The latest version of Garage Band for Mac also supports making your own ringtones so Apple does allow your own ringtones officially now.

Options that require Jailbreak

  • SSH/File Transfer: All you have to do is drop an iPhone's iPod-compatible ringtone into the /Library/Ringtones directory, meaning you can use MP3s, AACs (protected and unprotected), or M4As. Anything that your iPhone's iPod supports will work.
  • iBrickr (Windows): iBrickr actually transcodes your sound files for you, so if you're looking up old WAV sound pages from 1999, iBrickr can convert them into something that the iPhone understands before syncing. [iBrickr]
  • iFuntastic (Mac): Same as the SSH/File Transfer option. Just drag them into the correct /Library/Ringtones folder. [iFuntastic]
  • Sendsong: Allows you to pick any song from your iPod and move it into the Ringtones section. Install this with AppTapp.

Options that does not require Jailbreak

  • iTunes Music Store: You can manually place AAC files into the correct iTunes Ringtones folder as long as it has the right file extension. Works with purchased iTunes songs or songs you've converted to AAC format. [JoeMaller]
  • Rogue Ameoba's MakeiPhoneRingtone (Mac): This takes advantage of the iTunes 7.4 and iTunes 7.4.1 ringtone file compatibility workaround to get the Ringtones show up in iTunes. All you have to do is drop in an AAC file, which can be one of your songs purchased from iTunes. [MakeiPhoneRingtone]
  • iToner (Mac): Copies ringtones to your iPhone, bypassing iTunes, should be guaranteed to work with future iPhone updates. Costs $15. [iToner]
  • iPhoneRingToneMaker (Windows): Transfers ringtones to your iPhone, but lets you edit them beforehand in its editor so you can chop down long songs to a manageable clip. [efksoft]

Internet enabled mobile phones

download the tones you want directly to your mobile phone via wireless internet

Point your mobile browser to and download the TeenBuzz tones you want directly to your mobile phone. Follow the instructions in the manual for your mobile phone and select it as the TeenBuzz ringtone you want use. You ay not be able to pre-listen to the tones if your mobile does not support flash (iPhone for example) - but in most cases you can just play the tone by clicking on the download icon.

Bluetooth Wireless Link

download the tones you want directly to your mobile phone via Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth is another way of wireless transfer between your mobile phone and your PC. Most new cellular and prepaid phones have Bluetooth capabilities as most wireless headsets for cellular phone use Bluetooth for connectivity. If you are using a fairly new laptop, it will most likely have built-in Bluetooth transceiver whereas many desktop PC's may not have Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is another way of wireless transfer between your mobile phone and your PC. Most new cellular and prepaid phones have Bluetooth capabilities as most wireless headsets for cellular

You can add Bluetooth by getting a USB version if you want your older laptop or desktop computer to have this capability - it might come in handy for general file transfer between your computer and your mobile device in the future.

Once you set up a Bluetooth connection between your mobile phone and your computer, you will need to download the TeenBuzz mosquito ringtone to your PC first. Then, you can transfer the TeenBuzz mosquito ringtone to your mobile phone using the Bluetooth connection between your PC and your mobile phone. Your mobile device will often show up as "Bluetooth places" on your desktop once you have installed the USB - make sure you set your device to "Discoverable" and pair it with your computer in order to transfer files.

Infrared (IR) Wireless Link

Infrared is another option for wireless data transfer though it is bit on the slow side. You will need to have infra-red connectivity on both your cellular phone and your PC/laptop for this to work. First check if your laptop has a built-in infra-red port or your PC has an infra-red port adaptor. Then check the manual of your cellular phone to see if it has infra-red port. Many older cellular phones has a built in infra red port before Bluetooth took off.

Then, you can follow the instructions in your manuals to establish a link between your cellular phone and your computer and use this method to download the mosquito ringtones to your cellular phone. The process is practically the same as the Bluetooth method where you download the TeenBuzz tone to your computer first then transfer it to your cellular phone via infra red(instead of Bluetooth) connection with this method.

Data Cable

Some mobile phones and most PDA type phones come with or have the option of getting some kind of data transfer cable to connect with a PC via USB (older mobile phones connect via serial ports on the computer). download the TeenBuzz tones you want directly to your mobile phone via datacable PDA type mobile phones generally use a docking station solution, whereas, regular cell phones have an optional cable that can connect to the bottom of your mobile phone.

This method of data transfer is generally pretty straight forward if you follow the instructions of your manual. Once link has been established with the software supplied by the connection cable or PDA docking station, you can simply download the TeenBuzz ring tones to your PC then transfer the mosquito ringtones from your computer to the mobile phone.

Please refer to your cell phone manufacturer's instructions for exact details on how to transfer files as each manufacture/model of mobile phones has its own method. Once the link is established, it's usually very simple, using the software supplied with the cell phone (or connection cable) to transfer files/ringtones from your PC to the cell phone. Once the mosquito ringtone is transferred to the cellphone, use it as you would any normal ringtone or alert sound.

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