Subscribe to ringtones via iTunes

Now you can get popular ringtones on your iPhone with a single click - in fact it is just as easy as subscribing to any podcast.

Visit the ringtone feed site -

Simply go to and follow the link to subscribe.


By following the subscribe link - you will be taken straight to iTunes and the video demo will download as the first item and below the video you will get a list of all the different ringtones available.

Getting the ringtones

Once you have watched the video demo - you can either head over to and pre-listen to the various frequencies or just click the "Get" button in iTunes next to the ringtones you want to install on your iPhone.

Sync the ringtones to iPhone

By clicking on the Ringtones on the left hand side in iTunes you can see that the ringtones you have downloaded are now available. The final step is for you to sync your iPhone.

Selecting the ringtones on your iPhone

Once you have sync'ed your iphone the ringtones will be available from the Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone on your iPhone. If you want to remove the ringtones from you iPhone simply delete the ringtones from the podcast.

That is all there is to it - more ringtones will be added to the feed over time - to read more about the Mosquito Ringtone please visit